A short (4k word, multiple endings) game about loneliness, kindness and rain.


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I must say that the graphics, sound, and music really work well together. The atmosphere is spellbinding!

Thank you so much nilkun! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I can't wait to make another one!

Oh man, I recognize those fungus controls/UI very well. I'm glad you make it work for you. Trying to implement fungus into one of my (dormant) projects was a huge pain.

Enough about that though, The thing that stood out to me most were the character portraits. Just by looking at them you can tell there's some crazy backstory to the world this takes place in. I like the touches you've thrown in about the synthetic meat and the nanite toilet bowl cleaners. If I were to expand on this, I'd try to come up with more outlandish terms and ideas inspired by cyberpunk-ish settings.

Nice one.

Thank you! I honestly just pulled a lot of this out of my ass because it took so long to follow along with the first game tutorial, haha. I just kind of ran out of time and put this together as quick as I could (so hard not to do an idea you've been gestating in your mind for years on your first try!)

But after fiddling around with Fungus I've decided to just learn C# and unity, Fungus is a great system for handling narrative but there are so many other things I'd like to do (like having actual animated portrait sprites!!) so I'm going to have to learn. Do you know of any tutorials that teach you how to integrate something like fungus into a regular game? Or custom scripts/things into fungus as a block? The forum is kind of nuts so it's hard to find answers for these things.

That's the thing about Fungus. I had a horrible time trying to integrate Fungus with my scripting. You'd think it would be pretty intuitive to modify stuff like boolean values through scripting, but it took me way longer than it should've to access the Fungus variables.

My advice: put serious effort into learning C#. (Sololearn is a good tool for this, it's how I learned a lot. I'm not affiliated with them in any way.) Another thing to put some time in would be XML. It's very helpful when trying to define preset data values, like skills in an RPG. Once you get a good grasp on C#, see what you can do about making your own dialogue system. I've never personally gotten to making a dialogue system, but people have had to develop their own systems for years, so there's bound to be lots of documentation, if you take the time to look. This way, you can have a system that does exactly what you want and nothing more, nothing less.

My main issue with it right now is the camera/view system. I want to plug in funky shaders to the camera, but short of having the camera attached to a specific view and then making scenes for each new view it's going to be a pain in the ass. 

Yeah, I bought some udemy tutorials on c# and unity so I'm hoping that'll at least move me in the right direction. I'd like to use Fungus but I'm already a programmer (Python mainly) so it just wasn't as intuitive for me as it may be for someone who has no coding experience. A lot of the stuff you do with it feels like busywork that could be accomplished with scripting versus building all these blocks and plugging in different functions and whatnot.

Thanks for replying though, I appreciate it! I haven't finished the demo of your game yet but I love the cyclops girl she's so cute! It's a shame I'm so terrible at platformers haha.

Don't worry too much about not being able to finish it. I shouldn't have released it while the controls were so difficult to use. I'm currently working on making the controls closer to that of Hollow Knight for example. Maybe I'll update the demo later on once I get an official level implemented. Keep an eye out ;)

I'll have to come back to this -- but so far I've gotten arguably three endings -- 

One where I refused to talk to Chris (and had a very cute moment with the game menu telling me it wasn't sure it had "quitting" figured out yet. Very charming approach, especially with the countdown).

One where I talked to Chris about their cat a bunch (Big Mood -- I just got a kitten and my eldest also has ckd), and then the camera... abruptly panned down, leading me to believe that my dude was fantasizing about jumping off?? This led me to think there was a suicide ending in here, so I set out in search of that.

But then I got the one ending where I find my own a cat after talking to Chris, and I don't really wanna find the suicide ending anymore... This is the best ending.... 

I really like the talking blip sounds that the characters use, and the way "LEAP" was animated at the beginning. Like I said, I'm gonna have to come back, but this game has already achieved a contemplative, morose atmosphere with little more than the strength of its music choice and dialogue. 

I just want to say thank you for playing my game! I'd never programmed anything in unity before so most of the jam was spent just learning how functions worked, then my dentist decided it was the perfect time to pull my wisdom teeth and I ended up writing everything on Thursday/Friday it was so insane haha.

The cat endings are the best endings :) I'm so happy you've gotten something out of it, that's the best feeling in the world knowing that!